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Tips for Parents

As a parent, there are some things you should know about marijuana. Marijuana is used in different ways and it's important to understand what's out there. Marijuana consumption has changed a lot, keeping up with the different methods of use can help you to talk with your child about choosing not to use.

Methods of Consumption

  • Smoking
    Usually via a joint, pipe or bong.
  • Vaping
    Vaporizers heat marijuana to release its active THC and the vapor is inhaled.
  • Dabbing/Hash Oil
    THC extract from marijuana, also called hash oil, can contain up to 60-80% THC and may take effect very quickly. When dabbing, the oil is heated and the vapor is inhaled. At this time, the safety of dabbing has not been studied.
  • Edibles
    The effects of edibles, teas and sodas can take longer to peak, and last longer than smoking, causing users to sometimes consume too much. It can take up to four hours to feel the full effects, which can last up to ten hours. Remember to start low and go slow.
  • Topicals
    Infused lotions, salves and balms are sold for localized pain and inflammation related to skin problems or pain, but do not make the user feel high.
  • THC
    The psychoactive (mind altering) component in marijuana that can effect memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, appetite, pain and time perception.
  • CBD
    Another component in marijuana that can effect appetite and pain but does not result in physical or mental impairment.

Accidental Ingestion

If your child eats or drinks marijuana, they may need immediate medical help. Some symptoms to look out for include: problems walking or sitting up, difficulty breathing, and becoming sleepy. If a child may have eaten marijuana, call the poison control hotline, 1-800-222-1222, or 911 if it’s an emergency.